An Evening with Dave Tomlinson

Last Friday evening, 27th October, saw a packed audience at West Anstey village hall, where over 100 people from around the Edgemoor Group of Parishes joined together to enjoy supper and listen to our guest speaker, Dave Tomlinson.

Dave has written many books, but is well known for one called “How to be a Bad Christian and a Better Human Being”, which he came to speak to us about two years ago, at a similar event.  Last Friday, he talked about his new book “Black Sheep and Prodigals”.  He certainly challenged us with his thoughts around organised religion and long held beliefs, and brought to life a new way of following and “being Jesus”– what that means living in the world today, and how we respond to those around us and God’s creation.

It was lovely to be together and enjoy the company of so many friends and neighbours – to experience another form of “church” – gathering around a supper table enjoying food and wine and good conversation.

Susan Bew

Dave Tomlinson at St Paul's Cathedral

Dave also took part in the Sunday Forum at St Paul's. The talk he gave in the cathedral was very similar to the presentation he made to us in West Anstey.

If you would like to watch the video please click on the link below. The date he presented to the forum was November 5th 2017.